Rice is a delicious side dish or main meal which can be combined and eaten with anything including stew, meat, fish, vegetables and lots more. I mean, who doesn’t love eating rice Although, oblivious to many, rice has several health benefits more than we can ever imagine! Let’s go!

  • Great source of energy: Since rice is very rich in carbohydrates, and our bodies depend on good amount of carbohydrates to act as fuel. Carbohydrates are sugars or starch which our bodies converts into glucose (blood sugar) and use as energy.
  • Rice impedes obesity: Rice has minimum quantity of sodium, fat and cholesterol. This can help in reducing obesity as long as the calories being taken in are burned up during daily activities.

  • Rice can be used for skin care: You actually can’t get enough of rice when it comes to skin care and cosmetics. Rice powder can be applied to the skin to reduce inflammation or to exfoliate. Also, rice water is good for the skin and the hair. Don’t be surprised!

  • Source of protein: You will be surprised to find out that rice still retains at least 7 percent of protein which is why it is good to grab a bowl of rice after a long gym work out to fill up the spaces in the muscles. Awesome yeah? I know!

  • Improves heart health: You want to improve your heart’s health? Then rice is the answer you’re looking for! Rice is a natural anti-inflammatory, this property aids the decrease in rate at which atherosclerotic plaque is deposited into the blood vessel walls. This process lowers the risk of getting severe heart conditions.

Just to mention a few are the above mentioned. How do you love to eat your rice? Are you a vegan, you’re not exempted. Enjoy eating rice in the best way that you can. Have fun.

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