9 Must-Try African Dishes in New York City

9 Must-Try African Dishes in New York City

One of the biggest reasons to visit New York City is that the city offers the best African cuisines. Now is the best time to explore and enjoy NYC and experience the ultimately delicious foods in Africa. If you wish to expand your cultural palate, there are an array of restaurants in the city serving the best African cuisines. These foods are cooked and made even more delicious through unique African cooking. 

The following are the 9 Must-Try African Dishes in New York City that will surely make you feel full and your taste buds asking for more: 

1. Ogbono Soup

This is a nutrition-packed and rich soup with ogbono seeds as the main ingredients. These seeds are the ground African mango seeds used as the main ingredients in this dish made through special African cooking techniques. Other ingredients used in making this delicious soup are traditional herbs and spices, assorted meats, salt, pepper, and palm oil. Ogbono Soup is indeed one of the best African dishes you should try in New York City. 

2. Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a popular staple in numerous households. This West African dish is also often served at parties. What is more, this popular African cuisine is now also being served in numerous restaurants in New York City. This is an ultimately versatile dish made using pimento peppers, tomatoes, tomato paste, salt, onions, spices, and of course, rice. If you want to taste this flavorful African cuisine, you can have this in New York City. 

3. Moi Moi 

This dish is best combined with fried rice, Jollof rice, or fried plantain. Moi Moi can be eaten as a snack with a refreshing drink. This is usually served at dinners, parties, and special events and occasions. Moi Moi is a pudding made of a mixture of steamed peeled and washed black-eyed beans, freshly ground papers, and onions. Your visit to NYC will never complete if you do not try this African cuisine. 

4. African Chicken Curry 

This is another treasure in African cuisine, and you now have the chance to taste this dish in New York City. This dish is truly a melting pot indicated by its ingredient list and its history. The ingredients used include curry powder, peanut butter, coconut milk, olive oil, oyster sauce, all in a single pot. 

5. Beef Stew 

This is another mouth-watering West African cuisine and truly a must-try African dish in New York City. This stew is made with combined red peppers, habanero peppers, and plum tomatoes all sliced to perfection. Other ingredients used include vegetables, olive oil, broth, and beef cuts. This dish is amazing and versatile with other different dishes. 

6. Fufu Dishes 

Fufu pertains to any combination of ground provisions that have been boiled, mashed, or pounded and then made to balls. This food is referred to as fufu, foufou, or foutou in some parts of Africa. Fufu is an essential Western African cuisine with different versions. But generally, fufu actually referred to a pounded and boiled ground produce like cassava, plantains dough or a mixture of the two. Other versions of fufu have lard, bacon, and butter added to them. Fufu dishes can be best eaten with Ogbono Soup. 

7. Beef Suya 

This is roast African skewered spicy beef, which is also a very irresistible Satay beef. This African cuisine is known to include spicy peanut blend recognized as the epitome of exclusive West African foods. Suya has become a popular food, not just in Africa. This has also reached different places in the world, such as New York City. Your journey to NYC will never be complete if you don’t try few sticks. 

8. African Chicken Stew 

If you love stew, the African chicken stew is also one of the must-try African dishes in New York City. This is a stew-like no other. This is flavorful and aromatic with rich and thick tomato-based delicious sauces. The chicken stew can make an excellent weeknight meal. You can pair this chicken stew with plantains and warm rice during your favorite mouth-watering chicken dinner. 

9. African Style Stewed Spinach 

African Style Stewed Spinach

This African cuisine is a simple yet amazing way of enjoying spinach in a unique African style. This dish will deliver enough amount of greens to your table and will also deliver the right amount of spices. All you need is onions, tomatoes, shrimps, smoked turkey, and spinach to create this one of the best African cuisines. You can also use thyme and garlic if you want. 

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