What is Traditional African Cuisine?

what is traditional african cuisine

African cuisine is a mix of ingredients such as cereal grains, vegetables, meat products, and locally available fruits. The traditional preparation features mostly milk, curd, and whey products in some parts of the continent. If you’re looking for a food adventure, then let’s try to explore more about this cuisine and find out why more people are interested to try it.

What is good about African cuisine?

African cuisine will likely entice your palates because of its colorful presentation with mixed flavors brought about by local ingredients added to each dish. Interestingly, African foods have different tastes, textures, and smells. Additionally, it was later discovered in a study that out of 187 countries around the world, African diets are healthier compared to other diets because African cuisine contains mostly dietary fiber,  with low sugar, fat, and salt. 

What are some examples of typical African cuisine?

Here are the following tasty African dishes that you can try:

Egusi soup (Nigeria)

This dish is made from melon seeds that have been dried and ground. The soup is typically added with leafy vegetables, meat or fish. It is popular in Nigeria and ideally eaten in combination with pounded yam. 


The dish is a combination of rice, fish and tomato sauce with spiced onions, carrots, cabbage, cassava and peanut oil as added flavors. Surprisingly, this dish is similar to Savannah red rice, which is a common dish in the southern part of the U.S and believed to be adapted by the Creole people. 

Nigerian pepper soup

It’s considered a comfort food with intense flavors served throughout neighboring African countries. The only ingredient essentially present in this dish is pepper and the amount of pepper depends on each personal taste. 


A morning meal called waakye is popular in Ghana that is also eaten anytime of the day. It’s a combination of beans, rice and ground cassava known as gari, stew and spaghetti. It is best served with fish, meat or boiled egg


It’s a stew of slow cooked corn, cassava, sweet potato, fish or meat. It is referred to as the country’s national dish and of the ten inhabited islands, 9 island have their own version of cachupa

African fufu

A staple food common to West Africa and Central Africa is African fufu. Making this dish is by mixing and pounding separate equal portions of cassava and green plantain flour thoroughly with water. Fufu is best served with groundnut soup, palm nut soup or light soup.

Nigerian Chicken Stew 

It’s a spicy and aromatic dish made with roma tomatoes, red bell peppers and and seasoned chicken. This is a popular in Nigeria, a classic dish that can be eaten with many things. 

African puff puff

This dish is deep-fried pulled dough balls that has a crunchy outer crust but light and airy at the center. The taste is relatively similar to doughnuts, the only difference is its outer crust being crunchy. This is a sweet snack common throughout Africa and you have the option to dust the fried dough balls in powdered sugar.

Which is the spiciest African cuisine?

If you like spicy dishes, then you may want to try Africa’s spiciest menus. It includes the following:

Ethiopian dishes

Ethiopian dishes are spicy due to the presence of a powdered spice mixture called berbere. Berbere is mixed in stews called wats and the famous of which is known as doro wat with chicken and boiled eggs are its main ingredients.

Ghanian cuisine

Ghana is part of West Africa that has dishes rubbed with spice mix known as suya. Suya is made with peanuts, spices, and hot chili peppers.

African cuisine in New York City?

Here are the following restaurants that you can find in New York City that serve African cuisine:

Ebe Yi Yie

It’s an old establishment located just uphill in Fordham heights. They serve tuo zafi, egusi, cow foot soup among others. 


Located in the Grand Concourse, Papaye is a mainstream West African restaurant. It offers anything on the menu at any given time.The place is like a gleaming cafeteria. Their most ordered dish is omo tuo, a mashed rice served with stew of goat in peanut butter sauce.


It’s a Togolesse restaurant that has been operating in the Bronxfor over 6 years. Its menu includes abe nkwan, a palm nut sauce with goat, okra sauce with fish and light peanut sauce.

What is the tastiest beef dish in African cuisine?

Here are some of the tastiest African beef dishes:

  • Mauritanian pepper steak with coconut
  • Gomen be siga
  • Seswaa 
  • Gored gored
  • Key wat
  • Mshakiki
  • Jarret de boeuf

What is the most interesting fact about South African cuisine?

South African cuisine is a combination of tastes from African fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products with influence from European countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany. Additionally, you can also find touches of Asian flavors in South African dishes. 

What are some delicious African recipes?

Here are some of the Africa recipes that you can try to challenge your palates. 

  • Harissa is a North African spice paste used as a condiment for meat, seafood, soup, and salad
  • Harira is a Moroccan lamb, tomato, and lentil soup. 
  • Bunny chow is chicken curry rolls that are budget-friendly
  • Rooibos tea-poached pears. Traditional South African rooibos tea adds flavor to the poached pears. 

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