Why You Should Eat Pounded Yam And Egusi Soup

Apart from the fact that pounded yam is the most sought after traditional meal in southern and western parts of Nigeria, it also has strong health benefits which is oblivious to many.

Many of the indigenous parents only eat pounded yam (which is best paired with egusi soup) for the fun of it or mostly because they’re very used to it over time and can no longer do without eating it.

Pounded yam is a staple/glutinous dough processed traditionally by simple ( or not so simple😂) pounding and kneading of boiled yam.
Talking of Yam, there are varieties but only four(4) yam varieties are suitable for pounded yam. Since this article is centered around pounded yam let us see its various health benefits.

Know yams botanically.

  • Dioscorea esculenta (TDE 170) -Asiatic yam
  • Dioscorea esculenta (TDR 179) – Asiatic yam
  • Dioscorea cayenensis (TDC 760) – Yellow yam
  • Dioscorea Alata ( OMD 840) – White yam

They’re very rich in carbohydrates (also known as glucose), fiber, potassium, manganese, copper and antioxidants.
Yams are attributed to various health benefits and may : help brain health immensely, Reduce inflammation and also, Improve blood sugar control. Wow! Only yam? Isn’t that amazing??

However, because of the high sugar content in yam, pounded yam is best paired with egusi soup.

Apart from the fact that it’s a great combo, egusi soup is high and rich in protein which complements the high level of carbohydrate the yam has. Egusi (melon seeds) contains essential amino acids such as

  • Aarginine
  • Tryptophan
  • Methionine
  • Vitamins B1, B2
  • Niacin.

Egusi alslo has the following minerals: Sulfur, Carbon, Magnessium, Manganese, Pottasium, Phosphorus, Fluorine and Zinc.

From Egusi consumption, the care for teeth and bones can be achieved also iron for production of red blood cells can be gotten to mention a few. Amazing!

And trust me when I say that pounded yam and egusi should be served hot as lunch,that’s the best time to take this delicious meal. This is so that whatever calorie was taken in during lunch time can be used during the rest of the day’s activities there by inhibiting obesity. This is why there is nothing to worry about.

Now that you’ve just found out that every morsel of Pounded yam and Egusi has lots of goodies to offer your health, would you not rather try some?

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